Running for Heels - By Mike Lynch


Running for Heels

Her coaches have labeled her the best athlete to ever pass through the halls of her high schoo -- and we're talking about some monster athletes who have competed for Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School (Patrick Ewing among them).

Brianna Duncan is bringing the curtain down on a magical career in track and field. Last June, as a junior, Brianna was taking her SAT's the morning of the state championships. After the exam she hurried to the track and was told by MIAA officials that she was too late to take any warm up jumps - Brianna proceeded to win the long jump on her final attempt. She then moved on to win the triple jump and eventually the 100M dash, becoming the first girl in Massachusetts high school history to win titles in three different events.

"I always want to be the best at everything I do," Brianna told me. "I'm very competitive no matter where I am or where I go." 

This winter Brianna added indoor state titles to her resume in the 300M hurdles as well as the long jump.  Memorial Day weekend tacked on three more Division One Individual crowns.

Spend a few seconds with Brianna and she is all smiles...most of the the time. "Not when I am competing," warns Brianna, "I'm in a serious mode, other than that you'll always see me smile." Her coaches shake their heads and marvel at each accomplishment. "Every time you think that's about as much as you are going to get she digs in deeper and puts some incredible times or distances out there," marvels Scott Coady. "She's highly competitive, always challenging and searching for ways to exceed her accomplishments," adds Jamahl Prince.

For most of her high school career Brianna has worked at a rehab facility for patients recovering from injuries or illness. Most recently she has been working at Mt Auburn Hospital. Brianna has a track scholarship and will run for the Tarheels at the University of North Carolina but after running for the 'heels, its nursing. "I like taking care of people, I always wanted to help make people feel better," said Brianna. "It's what I want to do in the future, seeing people get better is what I like." Brianna has maintained a B+ average, a stack of state titles, she has a supporting family and a school she will miss dearly. "The opportunities, the coaches, the people - there is no school like Cambridge Rindge and Latin and I'm going to miss it big time."

She is the complete package, headed for college with a plan for the future. Nothing could be finer for Brianna Duncan as she heads to Carolina.